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Trench And Tunneling Services.

Affordable & Reliable Solutions for tunneling under concrete slab plumbing leak and foundation repair in Houston.

We offer solutions to all kinds of projects. Tunneling has quickly become an alternative to indoor deconstruction methods.

We provide plumbing assistance to allow the technician to re-route, replace or repair drain lines and sewer pipes underneath the house foundation.

Tunnel Now offers plumbers assistance with under house slab tunneling, trenching and excavation services in Houston and surrounding areas.

If you are a plumber or homeowner needing assistance to reach a pipe leak under the house or need to replace the old galvanized piping system

Professional excavation companies have the right safety gear and know-how to avoid damaging other parts of your property while they’re working.

Private plumbing companies who do excavation operations for municipal sewer lines may hire out these services to local excavation contractors as they are trained in proper techniques. Hydraulic excavators can be operated remotely so the need of exposing workers is eliminated which also protects them from potential hazards that may come their way.


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