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Tunnel & Trench Under House Slab | Plumbing Sewer Leak Repairs


Need Repairs for Under Slab Foundation Problems

Affordable & Reliable Solutions for tunneling under concrete slab plumbing leak and foundation repair in Houston.

We offer solutions to all kinds of projects. Tunneling has quickly become an alternative to indoor deconstruction methods.

Our tunneling services include hand digging tunnels and access holes, trenches, and excavation for plumbing, electrical, cable and foundation repairs.

Typically the individual and/or homeowner’s licensed plumber will identify the under slab leak or plumbing problem.

Then that’s when we get involved to coordinate our specialty for providing access and backfilling.

We work with remodeling & construction companies, investors, builders, plumbing contractors, foundation repair companies, individuals and homeowners.


About us

Trench And Tunneling Services

We provide plumbing assistance to allow the technician to re-route, replace or repair drain lines and sewer pipes underneath the house foundation.